On The Ground Advocates

On the Ground (OTG) Advocate/s are central to Aldea’s mission. The OTG Advocates work primarily with families detained at the Berks detention facility. The OTG Advocate/s play an integral role in representing detained families as they are often the first point of contact for newly-detained families.

Volunteer Interpreters

Aldea is always seeking volunteers who are fluent in languages other than English. Aldea has an ever-increasing need of interpreters who speak rare and/or Indigenous languages. While the majority of Aldea’s clients are Spanish-speakers, Aldea represents clients from all over the world. These volunteers often interpret telephonically, meaning volunteers can help in Aldea’s efforts from anywhere in the world!

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Volunteer Attorneys/Legal Assistants

Aldea is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit that was formed, in part, as a response to the continued detention of mothers, fathers, and children at the Berks County Residential Center, an immigrant detention center in Leesport, Pennsylvania that holds asylum seeking families. Aldea’s core attorneys have represented detained families at Berks for nearly four years. It is Aldea’s mission to ensure that no parent and child detained at Berks is forced to navigate the complex immigration process alone. In response to the ever-increasing rate of immigration enforcement, Aldea now represents other detained and non-detained individuals as well, including those caught up in illegal raids and parents separated from their children by Customs and Border Patrol. Aldea’s legal efforts are supported by volunteer attorneys and advocates who specialize in immigration law and who have years of expertise representing under-served immigrant communities. Aldea is always seeking to expand its volunteer base and add qualified attorneys and legal assistants to our network.