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The People’s Justice Center

The concept of the Aldea (Village) is a community living together and caring for each other’s needs. In that spirit, the mission of Aldea is to provide a holistic approach to meeting the multi-faceted needs of our immigrant community members, including through legal, social, educational, and medical services.

We desire to be a voice by the people


We provide quality pro bono legal and social services to vulnerable detained and free immigrant populations throughout Pennsylvania, and offer universal pro bono representation to every family detained by ICE in the state. Aldea also participates in important and impactful litigation nationwide to protect immigrant children and their families. We will not give up until we free the families currently in ICE detention – together.

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The best way to serve our community is through the sharing of knowledge. Please come back for updates on statements, articles, news, and other information that will help to empower our communities. Also, please feel free to email us anything related to other resources that you believe will help our cause i.e, job opportunities, mental/health programs, etc.