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Aldea – The People’s Justice Center seeks to ensure that members of the community are the very ones leading the organization. We desire to be a voice BY the people FOR the people. Our founders are well-qualified members of the community and advocate for the very people we serve. It is to them that Aldea continues to prosper in Pennsylvania.

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The concept of the Aldea (Village) is a community living together and caring for each other’s needs. In that spirit, the mission of Aldea is to provide a holistic approach to meeting the multi-faceted needs of our immigrant community members, including through legal, social, educational, and medical services.

The main office for Aldea – The People’s Justice Center is located at 532 Walnut Street, Reading, Pennsylvania. We provide quality pro bono or discounted legal representation across the state in areas including, but not limited to Philadelphia, Norristown, York County, etc. We also provide services in other states across this great nation, so please do not hesitate to contact us for additional information and services in your region.

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Aldea is always seeking volunteers who are fluent in languages other than English. Aldea has an ever-increasing need of interpreters who speak rare and/or Indigenous languages. While the majority of Aldea’s clients are Spanish-speakers, Aldea represents clients from all over the world. These volunteers often interpret telephonically, meaning volunteers can help in Aldea’s efforts from anywhere in the world! If you are interested in offering your language skills to help us further our mission, please complete a survey found in the Volunteer Opportunities section.

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